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Cat Film Festival Organizer Combs Through Nearly 20,000 Videos to Find the Purr-fect Picks

The Internet is overflowing with feline recordings, yet just the best will make the cut at CatVideoFest  Will Braden is the coordinator of the occasion, and he observes almost 20,000 feline recordings for every year’s portion of the yearly kitty-themed film celebration. “We have an accommodation frame on our site, so we get thousands that way. Be that as it may, as you can envision, not every one of them

New Zealand Town Wants to Ban Felines: ‘This Really Isn’t the Place for Cats’

What the hide?! A town in New Zealand would like to boycott felines with an end goal to ensure its local creatures. The provincial gathering of Omaui, a beach front town on the South Island, proposed the “nuisance plan” on Tuesday, August 28. Omaui Landcare Trust pioneer John Collins disclosed to Newshub Opens a New Window. in New Zealand: “We’re not feline haters, but rather we’d get a kick out