Charlie sheen Settles national enquirer lawsuit Over haim rape story

Charlie Sheen won’t go to preliminary in his fight in court with the National Enquirer – it seems the two sides have achieved a settlement in the maligning case.

Charlie sued the Enquirer before the end of last year over a story it distributed, guaranteeing he assaulted a then 13-year-old Corey Haim on the arrangement of the 1980s motion picture, “Lucas.” Charlie denied the story, and Corey’s mom additionally said it was BS.

As indicated by docs documented in L.A. toward the end of last week … Charlie’s legal counselors are requesting the suit to be expelled with bias – meaning it can’t be refiled. That is regularly a sign that they’ve struck an arrangement. Sources comfortable with the circumstance reveal to us no cash changed hands – however the two sides were completely happy with the terms.

We have brings in to Sheen’s legitimate group.

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